Chennai: Before a 23-year-old engineer leaped to his death from the fifth floor of a building in an IT park in Sholinganallur where he worked last Monday, he put up a video on a Facebook page in which he charged his ex-girlfriend and her father, among others, with harassment, investigators said on Friday.

S Tamil Vanan, the father of mechanical engineer T Aravind and a sub-inspector with the Thoraipakkam police, has lodged a police complaint stating the names of the girl, Fathima Navin, and her father Abu Sali, a resident of Tambaram, charging them with abetment in his son’s suicide.

Tamil Vanan also believes that certain officers investigating the case, his colleagues in the Thoraipakkam police, may be trying to sabotage the probe. He said his son had left behind a suicide note in their residence before he killed himself.

“I handed over the suicide note to a police sub-inspector who said it would be of use in the probe. Now it has vanished,” Tamil Vanan said. “My son used a dual SIM cellphone. One of the two SIM cards (with the number 9840366620) was missing when the Thoraipakkam police returned it to me.”

He said someone had also deleted data from Aravind’s cellphone.

“The data includes photographs, messages and other information,” Tamil Vanan said. “The data deletion took place when police had possession of the device. My son died on April 4 and someone erased the data on April 5. How can I not suspect foul play?”

He said Aravind was a supervisor in an IT company and had met Fathima Navin when he worked with her earlier in another firm in the city.

“Aravind was traumatised after Fathima’s new boyfriend and her father’s friends beat him up near Taramani railway station on March 26,” Tamil Vanan said. “I learned of this only after I saw the Facebook video.”

He said Aravind was so scared, he would often wake up screaming in the middle of the night.

Tamil Vanan said he felt helpless and betrayed by his colleagues in the Thoraipakkam police.

When contacted, Fathima’s father Abu Sali said he was not aware of anything about the case. “I was out of town,” he said. “I don’t know about the boy’s suicide.”
Source: TOI-Che