HYDERABAD: A ‘missing’ mobile phone finally helped cops unravel a tragic tale of love and suicide that unfolded in the city last week. On Friday, a man’s body was found after he jumped from the 10th floor of upscale Samskruti apartments, leaving police befuddled about his identity. Almost four days later, the mystery victim has been identified, providing possible closure to his parents and loved ones.

Twenty-three-year-old Mohit Ujjwal and Suhani (name changed) went about their daily lives like any other couple, with no one suspecting that something was amiss. The techies, both working with IT giant Infosys, lived at Samskruti apartments ever since they moved there this February. Even though they lived a few flats apart at the complex, police said that the two spent most of their time together in a single fl at. Their lives were marked by those long drives to their favourite ice cream parlour, but at the same time, they had their share of fights.

The police said the couple knew each other for only four months and had joined as trainees at the IT giant. It was during their training period at Mysore that love blossomed. Their ups and downs were like those of any other normal couple, but April 14 changed all that.

On that fateful day, no one heard what happened inside the apartment, nor did neighbours notice the young woman walking out with her luggage early morning. Suhani had packed her bags and left the fl at, with Mohit storming out too. Before leaving the city, Suhani left Mohit’s phone with a mutual friend, saying Mohit would collect it soon. But Mohit never turned up. A day later, residents discovered Mohit’s body lying in blood. He had jumped off the 10th floor terrace of another building block (C9), but no suicide note was found at that time.

With no one recognizing the blood-splattered body, it was sent to a mortuary. “He (Mohit) removed his slippers and jumped to his death. We found the slippers but no one could give us any clue as to who he was,” Ghatkesar Inspector P Bhaskar told TOI. “We asked around, but no one seemed to know him.” A Cyberabad police investigator said, “It’s cosmopolitan culture in society…There are many live-in relationships these days so we guess no one is bothered.”

Suhani, for her part, left in a hired cab to the airport and boarded a flight to Pune. Till two days back she did not know what had happened. Her friend called her to say that Mohit’s phone was still lying in her Samskruti township fl at, in the first indication that things were not okay. On Monday a missing complaint was lodged by Mohit’s friends who said that he had not reported to work.

“But it was only when the woman (Suhani) returned to work in Hyderabad and inquired about Mohit, and matched his photos with the one taken at the suicide spot, that she came to know that it was Mohit who had committed suicide,” Bhaskar said.

Later the police went to Mohit’s fl at and recovered a suicide note. The 23-year-old who hails from Noida, in his letter clearly stated that no one was responsible for his death and apologised to his parents for taking the extreme step. The suicide, cops said took place between 3 am and 5 am, around the same time Suhani left the apartment for the airport.
Source: TOI-Hyd