MUMBAI: After the Deonar dump, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) solid waste management authorities plan to dig gas wells at the Mulund dumping ground too. Three fires had erupted at the Mulund dump in the last one month, out of which two were on Monday and Tuesday night, and one on March 20. The authorities, however, claimed that Tuesday’s fire was minor.

Solid waste management officials said that they want to replicate the technique of creating vents at the Mulund dump.

A solid waste management department official said, “At the Deonar dump we initially began by digging five gas wells and have now dug 10. These have been dug towards the Babanagar side.We plan to increase the number of vents in Deonar by 15.At Mulund too, we plan to use the same technique to trap methane.”

In fact the ministry of en vironment, forest and climate change report on the Deonar dump had suggested that arrangements be made for venting or flaring of methane gas. “Since the generation of methane (having low explosive limit with respect to temperature) in huge quantity of dumps could have potential to trigger fires with a rise in temperature, arrangements should be made for ventingflaringutilization of the methane gas from the huge heaps, depending on its quantity after closing as stated below, with proper study,” the report stated.

Ideally, a gas collection and treatment system (verti cal extraction wells and storage) to be installed with a flaring facility was proposed as a part of the long-term solution to the Deonar dump, as suggested by IIT-B. Senior civic officials, however, decided that till the IIT-B begins work on the ground they will attempt something similar.

Meanwhile, the BMC has said that all debris from municipal work in the city will to be taken to Deonar and laid on the garbage piles. This, it felt, will help to cut methane from coming in contact with oxygen, which is generally the cause for the recurrent fires. Presently, over 50 trucks carrying debris are taken to the Deonar dump.

Source: TOI-MUM