MUMBAI: Justice V K Tahilramani of the Bombay high court presented a silver plaque and a cheque of Rs 2.5 lakh to Raushan Jawwad on Tuesday on the occasion of International Women’s day function. The Advocates Association of Western India (AAWI) honoured the young medical graduate as woman achiever of the year, for her grit to overcome a physical disability following a train mishap to complete her medical studies.

Raushan, whose smile shone brightest, was accompanied by her parents, mother Ansari Khatoon and vegetable vendor father Jawwad Ahmed, as well as her younger sister Hafsa and few other family members to the HC. Raushan thanked her lawyer V P Patil who appeared gratis for her and former Chief Justice Mohit Shah and Justice Girish Godbole for passing the orders that got her admission into MBBS to KEM hospital and medical college after the directorate had held her unfit despite coming third in the CET. In 2008, pushed out by commuters, she lost a limb, but not her spirit and will, said senior advocate Rajiv Chavan, Association chief.

Justice Rekha Sondur-Baldota said women are the very strength and inspiration and can achieve anything once they know who they are. Justice Tahilramani said, “a strong commitment is needed from the government to bring gender parity but people must understand that violence against women is an obstacle to human development.” The AAWI honoured some of the women lawyers including Purnima Kantharia government pleader, senior counsel Gayatri Singh and staff too including Kanchan Rane, taxing master, MastersShonali Dighe and C J Bhatt, SS Malkar deputy registrar and SMita Jadha Superintendent appellate side.

“My daughter is very hardworking,” Ansari told TOI, as she watched on. “I would carry her in my arms and then in the autorickshaw to Bandra Anjuman-e-Islam’s Dr Ishaq Jamkhanawala college for her junior college after the accident.” The young medical graduate is treated equally at home by her mother among her three siblings. “She can cook parathas and biryani,” Hafsa smiled. “She can sew well too,” her mother added.

Raushan, her head covered with a scarf, has an artificial limb and moves without a though with her bright blue crutches. Sitting in between the newly appointed and feted Kantharia and one of the first post-British woman staff on the original side, she sat with a calm dignity at a table where senior lawyers and judges sat too. “I enjoyed my hostel life,” she told TOI. “Some days were tough when a power or elevator failure meant I had to climb four floors, but they were my best days and I have mainly happy memories, which I shall now miss,” said the former student of Farookh high school. “I will now decide what to specialise in and am preparing to appear for the PG CET,” as lawyers, senior and junior alike, line up to congratulate her and some stop to take selfies with the young inspiration.
Source: TOI-MUM