SAGARDIHI: Sixty-eight local Trinamool leaders, including 47 gram panchayat members and 10 panchayat samity members, resigned on Wednesday to protest the party decision to give a ticket to former state minister Subrata Saha for Sagardighi constituency again. The rebel faction of the party decided to project Samsul Hoda, upapradhan of Sagardighi gram panchayat, as an independant candidate. as state leaders showed deaf ear to local workers mass petetion to change Saha.

It happened on the same day state leaders called district Trinamool president Mannan Hossein to Trinamool for receiving symbols. This is very significant as Trinamool won in the only seat Sagardighi in Murshidabad district, competing against Left and alliance partner congress backed independant candidate in 2011 assembly polls. Trinamool made Saha junior PWD minister as the only M.L.A from Murshidabad , but later changed ministry thrice and even kept some days as mnister with out dpartment and recently snatched the ministerial power. Rebel fraction believe Trinamool supreemo tried to teach Saha a good lesson by giving less important departments and later snatching ministry after receiving repeated complaint from Sagardighi. Then, congress M.L.A Humayun Kabir, Imani Biswas and Socialist Party M.L.A Chand Mohammed joined Trinamool.

Nirupama Mal (Das), Sagardighi gram panchayat pradhan, said, “We resigned to protest re-issuance of ticket to Subrata Saha, who never looks after the interests of the local party. 10 panchayat samity members and 11 anchal youth Trinamool presidents and block youth president Debashis Banerjee, too, signed the resignation. We decided to nominate Samsul Huda as an independent candidate to show who has command in the organization.”

Hoda alleged: “This is not the first time that the leaders are annoyed with Saha’s work. He has never given importance to the organization and stopped whoever tried to strengthen the party here. Saha tries to show that he himself is the party and boosts corruption in development worksThis assembly election will show who is stronger – the organization or Saha himself.”

Saha said, “Resignation before the polls in such a way will only weaken the party. Mamata Banerjee gave me a chance to fight again and only she can say anything about the issue. I will request those who resigned that if they respect Mamata, they must come forward to support her by withdrawing their resignationin this challenging time.”

District Trinamool president Mannan Hossein said, “I am at Kolkata today and heard about the incident. But I can only clear the air after receiving the resignationsletters.”

Aminul Islam, Congress observer for Sagardighi, said, “We will gain from the Trinamool’s faction feuds”.
Source: TOI-Kol