CHENNAI: Animal rights activists have alleged that the management of the famous Velankanni church in Tamil Nadu got more than 50 community dogs killed.

Chennai-based activist T B Somanathan has said Dhanasekaran of Velankanni informed him that dogs that were found in a 1km radius of the church were caught and killed. Five persons were hired for catching and killing the dogs.

While some of the dogs were clubbed to death, others were strangled with nylon ropes. The incident happened on February 7 and 10.

The carcasses were buried in a place far away from the church. On being informed, Nagapattinam district collector ordered exhuming of the carcasses on Monday, Somanathan said.

Cases have been filed against the five people, who caught and killed the dogs, under the Prevention of Cruelties to Animals Act. Further investigation were on.

In many towns and villages, dog killing became a major issue. Many village panchayats kill the dogs, instead of conducting the animal birth control programme.

Many people think killing the community dogs will reduce the menace. But, in reality, when dogs are removed from an area, the vacant space will be occupied by dogs from other areas.

“Animal birth control is the only right option available to reduce the dog menace,” said animal activist S Muralidharan.

Source: TOI-Che