Chennai: Dreaded gangster ‘Kathu Kuthu’ Ravi of north Chennai has amassed properties worth between 300 crore and 1,000 crore in his new avatar as a businessman. These include a is now swelled as a businessman of south Chennai by extending his territory owning a commercial complex in Singapore, Kollimalai Hills and Namakkal valued between This includes real estate not just in Chennai but also in Namakkal, Kollimalai Hills and even Singapore. Ravi is currently on the run from police and is believed to have fled the city. The Enforcement Directorate attached properties belonging to him worth 11.68 crore last week but this is just a small fraction of his total assets, police said. valued about just one percent of his total assets.

As a budding rowdy

Ravi ventured into criminal activities under the shadow of gangsters Chera and ‘Vellai’ Ravi, who once ruled in north Chennai. , which was the breeding ground for criminals. A senior police officer said, “Ravi shifted from rowdyism to the red sanders business after he befriended Kamsani Krishnaswamy alias Appu, who died in a government hospital in Andhra Pradesh on February 16, 2015.”

Even after becoming a businessman, he retained the name ‘Kathu Kuthu’ Ravi, which was given by police to differentiate him from other criminals called Ravi. He began his collaboration with Appu by closely monitoring the movement of red sanders being smuggled from Andhra Pradesh. by smuggling red sanders from Andhra Pradesh in collaboration with Appu, he took all the responsibility and closely monitored the movements of smuggled goods.Narrating the modus operandi, a police officer said, “Ravi developed intelligence sources within other gangs of smugglers. the smuggled gang members to intimate about the other smuggling gangs He often targeted the gangs smuggling red sanders from Andhra Pradesh by hijacking the goods and the vehicles.” Ravi landed in trouble after another big time red sanders smuggler Sahul hijacked one of his consignments valued at more than 10 crore. After this came to light, Sahul and Ravi turned rivals. Sahul is believed to be hiding in Dubai as Ravi has planned to eliminate him. Sahul has given asylum to the Kanchi don Sridhar Dhanapalan, who is also hiding in Dubai.

Once Ravi became wealthier, he moved his residence to Neelankarai with his family. With real estate booming in south Chennai, Ravi invested his ill-gotten gains there before venturing outside the city. Knowing the intrigues of escape plans from his ‘bosses’, He bought a commercial complex in Singapore, five acres of land in Kollimalai Hills, a marriage hall in Sholinganallur, and a commercial complex in Velachery behind Phoenix Mall, among other properties.

Police said Ravi has two wives. One of them lives in MGR Nagar and another one R Banumathi lives in Neelankarai. He also develops intimacy with another woman in Namakkal.

After the split between Appu and his close aide Kathiravan, Ravi killed the latter in MGR Nagar on March 21, 2013. Kathiravan was the prime suspect in the murder of Sankararaman, manager of the Varadharaja Perumal Temple in Kancheepuram in 2004. Earlier, Ravi killed his arch-rival ‘Vellai’ Uma alias Uma Sankar by inflicting several stab injuries on his body and slitting his throat on March 21, 2011. They dumped him near Gajera Garden in Neelankarai and he was succumbed to injuries at the hospital. ‘Vellai’ Uma was brought up by Vellai Ravi. Due to differences in business, Vellai Uma and Ravi became rivals. Ravi and Uma both planned to eliminate each other. But before Uma could carry out his plan, he was intercepted and murdered by Ravi and his gang.
Source: TOI-Che