CHENNAI: A gang hacked to death ‘Remo’ Murugan, near Sipcot, in Sriperumbudur on Wednesday evening.Police suspect that the brother of Karthik, who they said Murugan murdered on May 8 last year, was involved in the murder.

Police said a gang of at least four members on two motorcycles cornered Murugan, a resident of Karukku Street in Sriperumbudur, near a women’s hostel in Sipcot when he was returning home on his motorbike.

Murugan spotted them, abandoned his bike and tried to flee. But they caught up with him and killed him in full public view. As people gathered Murugan’s assailants left him in a pool of blood and sped away on their motorcycles. The Sriperumbudur police arrived and sent Murugan’s body to a hospital for autopsy .

Police teams have been formed to nab the suspects.Police have also collected security camera footage to trace the killers’ motorcycle registration numbers and track them down.

An investigating officer said Murugan had been running an agency in Mambakkam to supply construction material to builders. He was later involved in collecting scrap from a few companies , often threatening people to supply scrap to him.

“Murugan murdered Karthik near a college in Pennalurpet near Pallipattu following a clash which erupted after a neighbourhood kabaddi match last May ,” the officer said.

Source: TOI-Che