MUMBAI: A witness has told the CBI that actor Suraj Pancholi broke down after hearing about his girlfriend Jiah Khan’s death on the night of June 3, 2013.

The witness, who is Suraj’s childhood friend, is one the 29 people whose statements form part of the chargesheet filed by the CBI last week. The CBI had conducted investigations into the case after Jiah’s mother, Rabia, claimed that her daughter was murdered.

The 22-year-old witness said that Suraj was informed about the hanging by his father Aditya Pancholi. The two were at Suraj’s flat when, the witness received a call from Aditya Pancholi at 11.45pm asking about Suraj. He was then told to come to the Pancholi’s bungalow along with Suraj. “Aditya Pancholi was already present there with his friend…we sat in the living room. He informed about the hanging of Jiah in her flat. Immediately, Suraj broke down. He asked Suraj about the last meeting with Jiah and what happened during the conversation. Suraj narrated the events of the day story,” he said. The friend mentioned that around 1.30am Suraj broke down once again after Aditya’s friend arrived there and informed them that Jiah’s body was shifted to Cooper Hospital. “Suraj hugged him and cried,” he added. The witness said that on Aditya’s instructions Suraj and he spent the night at the Pancholis’ flat in Bandra. The following day, Suraj’s mother, Zarina Wahab, too arrived at the flat and they went to Juhu police station as Suraj had been called there for questioning. While Suraj attended Jiah’s funeral, the witness did not go along. “I never saw Suraj drink scotch or whiskey. He used to consume the energy drinks regularly,” the witness added.

The witness said that when Jiah and Suraj had started dating, the latter had told him that while Jiah was very much interested in pursuing the relationship, he wasn’t, as he wanted to concentrate on his career. “I know that Jiah used to call constantly, therefore Suraj declined to take her calls. When Suraj was not picking up her call, she used to call me to know the his whereabouts,” the witness said.

He also claimed to know that prior to the incident Jiah was in a “depressive mood”. “She was struggling for work,” the witness claimed. He further said that the couple used to live together frequently. The witness further stated that on one occasion when Aditya asked his son about the relationship, the latter claimed that he “helped her as per as her request and they were good friends.”

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Source: TOI-MUM