Kolkata: After cracking a murder case in the Tiljala area, police have also come to know how drugs are getting easily available in the added areas of Tiljala, Topsia and Picnic Garden.

Tiljala police have claimed to have solved the murder of a former call centre employee Kavin Alfred D’Silva (29) whose body was found from an under-construction building in Tiljala on Sunday morning. “We have arrested Kavin’s cousin Adrin Fernandez (29) and Adrin’s friend Pritam Sinha Roy (29) for their involvement in the murder. As per their confession, the murder was a result of an argument that took place when they were consuming brown sugar,” said DC (southeast) Gaurav Sharma.

According to police, Kavin became addicted to drugs following late night work pressure at the call centre and his estranged relationship with his step father. On December 22, Kavin’s mother Michelle D’Silva had visited a Sonarpur rehab centre where Kavin was admitted and requested them for a few days break so that she can take him back for the Christmas holidays. Kavin was to return to Sonarpur on Sunday.

“On return to his house, Kavin found that his step father was not willing to take him back. Kavin then left for his cousin Adrin’s house and was later seen moving around some Tiljala shanties where drugs were being sold. Later, Adrin, who is also an addict, joined him. Late on Saturday night, Kavin, Adrin and the latter’s friend decided to have brown sugar,” said police.

“At this session, an argument broke out between Kavin and Adrin over who gets the bigger share of drugs. The two accused claimed that it was Kavin who attacked them first and turned violent. To control him, the duo tied his hands and feet. But they claimed the victim turned abusive after which they smothered him to death. They abandoned the body and fled. We are checking whether they are telling truth,” said an officer of Tiljala police station.

Sources said brown sugar worth more than Rs 5,000, with each ‘puria’ costing Rs 500, was consumed that day. “It seems the area has seen a flurry in sales of drugs ahead of the New Year. We have inputs that at least 11 joints are operational here which have clients from Salt Lake Sector V and the educational institutes located nearby,” said an officer of the narcotics cell. Earlier, SSKM intern Saptarshi Das had died in March 2014 after an overdose of brown sugar purchased from Tiljala.

After returning from the “supply market” at Ghutiari Sharif, the cartel’s ‘agents’ start contacting clients directly and even recruit sub-agents to supply drugs to clients. This was how one Md Ishtiaq supplied brown sugar and heroin from Ghutiari Sharif to another cartel member Avik Chowdhury who then supplied it to the victims of Tiljala, said police.In the city, drug lords operate in several locations. The most popular ones are the Port area, Narkeldanga, Tiljala-Topsia and the vicinity of the airport. High-quality drug is mostly sourced from Manali and sold in hotels in Park Circus and Tollygunge.”Over time, drug lords realized that new zones that attract the maximum customers should be located in areas frequented by wealthy youngsters. They zeroed in on Chawalpatti, off Beleghata canal, near Chingrihata. “With Bidhannagar police and Kolkata Police sharing the borders here, the area provided the perfect escape route. Now it is popular among students and BPO employees,” said an officer.
Source: TOI-Kol