BELAGAVI: Rumours of the spectre of the late actress Kalpana roaming the precincts of Gotur village in Hukkeri taluk has generated fear among residents here. While some strongly condemn media reports that have been fanning the rumours and call it an attempt to malign the name of the village, the anti-superstition forum Manav Bandhutva Vedike announced a night-stay programme on the next new moon night (amavasya) in their attempt to bust the myth.

Fashion icon of Sixties and Seventies Sharat Lata, popularly known as Kalpana, had killed herself in Gotur by eating diamond powder, it is believed. The suicide happened on May 12, 1979, when Kalpana arrived in Gotur for a theatre performance. The actress died late at night, after a row on stage with drama company owner Gudigeri Basavaraj.

Residents say two years after the death, people avoided the ‘IB area’, where the death occurred. Fear faded gradually with the passage of time. Now several homes have come up around the IB area and a government school stands nearby. The IB crossing receives ample footfall and youths hang around there till late at night. But none ever complained of seeing Kalpana’s ghost.

Recently, some TV channels telecast reports of spectre sightings on new moon nights. Villagers strongly oppose such media reports. Speaking to TOI, Shivagonda Patil called it an attempt to disturb normal life in the village. “My home is next to IB and my family has never ever had such experiences till date. School children play near IB. Guests visit regularly. But none has ever spoken of seeing ghosts in the past 36 years.” Patil called it a creation of the media. Daval Desti, has been working as a chef for the past several years denied having scary experiences too, despite staying in the same building.

Night stay programme planned to bust spectre myth:

Manav Bandhutva Vedike (MBV), an anti-superstition forum headed by Ravi Naikar, has announced a night-stay programme at IB on the next new moon night.

Hanumant Shekhanavar, local member of MBV, cited media reports as the cause for widespread fear. “Being a local GP member, I have planned a night-stay programme in IB on a new moon night in order to create awareness against superstition and dispel myths,” he said.

Source: TOI-BGLR