December 4

Venue 1

10 am: We Should Have The Right To Offend
Mani Shankar Aiyar, Tavleen Singh, Indira Jaising, Radhika Vaz. Moderator: Shekhar Gupta

11.15 am: Who Will Save Us From The Mob? Why Should Media Be The Only Voice Of Sanity?
Clifford Levy, Shekhar Gupta, Coomi Kapoor, Karuna Nundy. Moderator: Kumar Ketkar

12.30 pm: Amazing Grace – I Am My Brother’s Keeper
Ronnie Screwvala talks about how he dreamt with his eyes open. Followed by a conversation with Mani Shankar Aiyar

1.45 pm: Love And Longing For Bombay – A Different Metaphor For Different Dreamers
Vikram Chandra, Anand Gandhi, and Atul Dodiya. Moderator: Nikhil Rao

3 pm: Don’t Get Mad, Get Funny – Turning Horror Into Comedy
Papa CJ, Hemant Morparia and Radhika Vaz. Moderator: Indrajit Hazra

4.15 pm: Navigating The Road To Self Publishing
Neal Thompson, Sri Vishwanath and Rasana Atreya

6 pm: Capitalism And Democracy
Economist Thomas Piketty and professor Michael Sandel. Moderator: Patrick French

Papa CJ: Naked – A Comedian’s Tale at 8 pm

Venue 2

11 am: The Pugilist Paintbrush
Canvassing for change through art. Atul Dodiya and Ram Rahman. Moderator: Girish Shahane

12. 15 pm: The Refugees’ Recipe Book
Claudia Roden, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown talk on food as memory. Moderator: Vikram Doctor

1.30 pm: The Power Of The Individual In Public Life
How Feroze Varun Gandhi manages an articulate stillness amidst the cacophony

2.45 pm: Rape – Still More Questions, Still No Answers
Leila Seth, Sonia Faleiro and Leslee Udwin. Moderator: Srijana Mitra Das

4 pm: The Fun Side Of Life
Sudha Murthy talks on letting go without losing sight of success

5.15 pm: Hrishi-da’s Heroines
Jai Arjun Singh brings alive Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s memorable leads with Jaya Bachchan and Deepti Naval. Moderator: Pragya Tiwari

Venue 3

11.15 pm: Speaking Up, Shutting Up – Freedom Of Expression In The 2 BHK
Nicola Morgan and Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan. Moderator: Anuja Chauhan

12.30pm: Crescent Moon Rising
Susan Abulhawa and Moni Mohsin. Moderator: Aakar Patel

1.45 pm: Design, Empathy And Meaning – Finding New Ways To Look At The World Around Us
Abhishek Lodha, Kapil Gupta, and Krsna Mehta. Moderator: Aparna Piramal Raje

3 pm: The Roar Of Silence
Aneesh Pradhan, Judy Raymond and Sofia Ashraf. Moderator: Sumana Ramanan

4.15 pm: Through The Lens, Boldly
Bangladeshi photographer Shahidul Alam, who has tackled controversial free speech issues, in conversation with Ram Rahman

5.30 pm: It’s All History
Kalyan Ray, Zareer Masani and Nisid Hajari. Moderator: Aakar Patel

6.45 pm: All The Lonely People
Aparna Sen, Varun Grover and Kevin Kwan. Moderator: Anjum

Venue 4

12 noon: Nation At Play: A History Of Sport In India
Book reading by Ronojoy Sen, followed by a chat with Vikas Singh

1.15 pm: Kalkatta
Book reading by Kunal Basu, followed by a chat with Indrajit Hazra at 1.15 pm

2.20 pm: The Cosmopolitans
Book reading by Anjum Hasan followed by a chat with Girish Shahane

3.45 pm: Media Barren – A Cure For A Media In Crisis
Julia Cage and Raju Narisetti discuss the potential of a new business model in the Fourth Estate. Moderator: Chiki Sarkar

5.15 pm: Children’s Workshop: The Gita’s Not For Children? Really?
It’s true – the Gita’s wisdoms aren’t just for religious old Hindu people, they are for everyone, including children. Come and find out what lessons the hoary text holds for Gen Next, with Roopa Pai, author of The Gita For Children. Age group: 10-13 years

6.30 pm: The Blue Between Sky And Water
Book reading by Palestinian American bestselling author Susan Abulhawa, followed by a chat with Srijana Mitra Das


1.15 pm: Staging Protest
Anjum Katyal discusses her book Badal Sircar: Towards a Theatre of Conscience with Aparna Sen and Sunil Shanbag

2.30 pm: The Magic Of The Lost Temple
Book reading by Sudha Murthy

3.45 pm: Indian Masterpieces
A reading of Kiran Nagarkar’s work

5 pm: The Scenes We Made
Launch of the new book edited by Shanta Gokhale, with readings by Naseeruddin Shah, Ratna Pathak, Sunil Shanbag and Jaimini Pathak

6.30 pm: Ramayana – A Retelling
Daljit Nagra brings the story of the Ramayana to life. His reading will be accompanied by live music scored by DWAM Society, a student band of the True School of Music.

8 pm: Performance
Sula Sessions: Kabir Cafe

December 5

Venue 1

10 pm: Arnab Goswami Unplugged And Uninterrupted

11.15 pm: Is India The Most Unequal Country On Earth?
Thomas Piketty speaks in India for the first time

12.30 pm: The Global Chessboard After 13/11 will Paris catalyse real introspection or more blame games?
Clifford Levy, Manjeet Kripalani. Moderator: Swaminathan Aiyar

1.45 pm: Can The Tortoise Catch Up? Or is that a hare-brained idea?
T N Ninan in conversation with Swaminathan Aiyar

3 pm: Maps For Lost Lives – Movies That Help You Navigate
Jitesh Pillai talks to Meghna Gulzar and Kabir Khan

4.15 pm: Effective Leadership & Decision Making Using Mind Maps
By the inventor of the most powerful thinking tool Tony Buzan, followed by a Q & A with Vaishnavi Chandrashekhar

5.30 pm: What Money Can’t Buy – Markets, Morals, And Civic Life
Talk by Michael Sandel

6.45 pm: Ram Redux – The Eternal Relevance Of The Epic God
By bestselling author Amish Tripathi

Venue 2

11 am: Food As A Weapon Of ‘Maas’ Destruction
Food anthropologist Claudia Roden and filmmaker Anand Gandhi talk to Kunal Vijayakar

12.15 pm: Amazing Grace – I Am My Brother’s Keeper
Anshu Gupta, founder of Goonj, speaks on donation vs discard, and how dignity matters

1.30 pm: Accidental Discovery – Finding Treasures in Musty Spaces
Judy Raymond, Nisid Hajari, Shrabani Basu and Raghu Karnad

3 pm: Tigers, Helicopters & Other Smothers
Global teen stress expert Nicola Morgan and yummy mummy Shunali Khullar Shroff talk to psychiatrist Dr Pervin Dadachanji

4.15 pm: The Poetry Of Amazement
Writer Vikram Chandra on the ancient Indian tradition of chitra-kavya

5.30 pm: Whose Tolerance Is It Anyway?
Anupam Kher in conversation with Nalin Mehta

6.45 pm: Love And Betrayal In India
Clips from the new BBC documentary on William Dalrymple’s book, presented by himself

Venue 3

10.15 pm: China Rich Girlfriend
Book reading by Kevin Kwan, followed by a chat with Rajni George

11.30 pm: The Personal And The Political – Sharing War Stories Shrabani
Basu, Raghu Karnad and Nisid Hajari examine the great World Wars and Partition, guided by William Dalrymple

12.45 pm: Anatomy Of An Investigation
Avirook Sen, Mumbai Police Commissioner Javed Ahmed and Mahesh Jethmalani. Moderator: Sonia Faleiro

2 pm: Travelling Through Books – Lost And Found In Translation
Discussed by Clara Nubile, Arunava Sinha and Kannan Sundaram. Moderator: Ranjit Hoskote

3.15 pm: Teenagers Unplugged: I Want The Freedom To… Young adults voice
their angst over the little controls that afflict their daily lives. Moderator: Vivek Tejuja

4.30 pm: Exotic England
Book reading by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, followed by a chat with Srijana Mitra Das

pm: High Life, Low Life – The World Of Penthouses, Porsches And Emptiness
Kevin Kwan, Shunali Khullar Shroff and Moni Mohsin talk to publisher Rajni George

Venue 4

1 pm: Equality Before The Law Examined by those who have made it their mission to ensure it for the little people.
Anand Grover and Karuna Nundy in conversation

2.30 pm: Workshop: Finding Funny – Radhika Vaz On The Joys Of Improv Comedy
With a focus on active listening, clear communication and collaboration, improv isn’t just for laughs but for life too.
Age group: 13 to 18

3.45 pm: Don’t Let Him Know Book reading by Sandip Roy, followed by a chat with Parmesh Shahani

5 pm: Workshop: Teenage Stress – Understand It, Beat It, And Make Your Teenage Brain Work Brilliantly
Nicola Morgan, international expert, gives fascinating insights into stress, personality, teenage pressures and practical strategies. Age group: 14 to 18

6.15 pm: Father And Daughter – Different Paths To Creativity
Gulzar in conversation with Meghna Gulzar. Yes Bank Culture Award to be presented to Gulzar


10 pm: Workshop
Tree Walk for children, followed by art. Conducted by Katie Bagli. Age group: 6-12

11.15 pm: Performance
Rap, Rhyme And Reason – Rapper and content creator Sofia Ashraf takes you through a musical autobiography. From being labelled a burkha rapper to denouncing organised religion to standing up to giant corporations, trace her life story as she deconstructs her songs in an intimate performance.

2.30 pm: Workshop: whysoQrious Brain Brunch
A pop-up quiz hosted by Mudita and Adittya Mubayi of Quizcraft Global (Delhi)

3.45 pm: Indian Masterpieces
Gulzar reads his short story Crossing The Ravi

5 pm: Do You Remember How It Was Once? Mujh Sey Pehli See Muhabbat Mere Mahboob Naa Manng
The work of revolutionary poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz. By Gulzar

7 pm: Performance Singing About The Dark Times:
Shubha Mudgal, with Aneesh Pradhan and Sudhir Nayak at 7 pm

December 6

Venue 1

10 pm: Beauty And The Beastly Tales
Vikram Seth in conversation with Shobhaa De

11.15 pm: Laxmi Or Saraswati – The Nation Wants To Know
India’s definitive mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik tosses up between wealth and learning as the prime movers of India

Javed Ali at 7 pmChef Floyd 12.15 pm: Greed Is Good – Whether it’s Fancy Dining Or Cutting Chai
Chef Floyd Cardoz and Padma Lakshmi build a menu of changing tastes from New York to Mumbai

1.30 pm: Who Killed Perumal Murugan?
Kannan Sundaram and Kiran Nagarkar in conversation. Moderator: Ram Rahman

2.45 pm: My Gita
Devdutt Pattanaik with Nitish Bharadwaj

4 pm: Workshop: How To Unleash The Power Of Your Mind
By Tony Buzan and Tariq Qureishy

7 pm: Performance Songs From The Heart: Sufi songs which remind us of who we really are.
By Javed Ali at 7 pm

Venue 2
11 pm: Gated Living – Shutting Out The Stink
Clifford Levy, Amrita Shah, Raj Kamal Jha and Razi Ahmed on the bubbles of New York, Ahmedabad, Delhi and Lahore. Moderator: Manu Joseph

12.15 pm: Lessons From Mr Birla For The Millenial Generation
A hands-on session with Kumar Mangalam Birla

1.30 pm: Three Mad Men II
Suhel Seth, Cyrus Broacha and Kunal Vijayakar

2.45 pm: Is Leadership Gender Neutral?
Naina Lal Kidwai, R Gopalakrishnan and Zerbanoo Gifford on global women leaders

4 pm: An Equal Language – Where Sanskrit And Coding Meet
Vikram Chandra and Rohan Murty. Moderator: Chiki Sarkar

5.15 pm: Why We Must Never Shut Up!
By Suhel Seth

Venue 3
11.15 pm: Mists And Mystique – Have A Cup Of Pure Darjeeling
Chronicler Jeff Koehler and tea master Sanjay Kapur sip stories with Vikram Doctor

12.20 pm: Flit Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A B
Twinkle Khanna and Moni Mohsin banter over Sindhi Crawfords and Mercedes Bens. Moderator: Chiki Sarkar

1.45 pm: Unsilenced Voices – The Poets Of Protest
International poets Nikola Madzirov and Sandeep Parmar, in coversation with Ranjit Hoskote

3 pm: Drawing Cartoons – How Far Is Going Too Far?
Britain’s Martin Rowson, and Spain’s Kap and Elchicotriste (don’t) draw the line with our own cartoonist Hemant Morparia

4.15 pm: An Uncensored Life
Zerbanoo Gifford talks to Leila Seth, preceded by a reading from Zerbanoo’s biography by Farida Master

5.30 pm: In Black and White
Senior columnist Dileep Padgaonkar chats with India’s top photojournalist Raghu Rai

6.45 pm: Amazing Grace – I Am My Brother’s Keeper
Rana Kapoor talks about how ordinary people can make a difference through short films in Yes Bank: I Am the Change

Venue 4

12.15 pm: Workshop: How To Give
Little ways to make a difference. With Dasra

1.30 pm: Teenagers Unplugged: Will Tomorrow’s Generation Reject Today’s Censorship?
Keshav Rai, Jheel Gada and Saanchi Saxena talk to Arunava Sinha

2.45 pm: Warrior
Book reading by Olivier Lafont, followed by a chat with Jai Arjun Singh

5.15 pm: Rest In Peace: Ravan And Eddie
Book reading by Kiran Nagarkar, followed by a chat with Anjum Hasan

6.30 pm: Workshop: Youtube, Mytube, Ourtube
Make a statement using video. With Maati Baani. Age group: 13 +

12.15 pm: Indian Masterpieces
Perumal Murugan’s story read by Kannan Sundaram and Indrajit Hazra

4.15 pm: Performance
Maati Baani Live

7 pm: The Times Lifetime Achievement Award 2015: Vikram Seth
Justice Leila Seth speaks on the son behind the brilliance. A magical evening winds up the litfest

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Source: TOI-MUM