CHENNAI: A 48-year-old mentally ill man who escaped from a private home in Perumbakkam and savagely attacked his elderly parents, stabbing them in their house in Royapuram on Friday before fleeing, probably did not count on it -but, even in such horrible circumstances, still had their support.

Gurusamy, 84, and his wife Shenbaga Pushpam, 75, were grievously injured but refused to admit to police that their son Palanivel Rajan had attempted to kill them. Instead they said they had inflicted injuries on themselves.

An investigating officer said Gurusamy and Pushpam were alone in their rented tenement on the third floor of a building on West Mada Church Street in Royapuram when neighbours discovered them incapacitated and in the blood spattered house. The neighbours took them to Stanley Medical College and Hospital, where doctors said they were out of danger.

The Royapuram police registered a case and, despite the protestations of Gurusamy and Pushpam, launched a hunt for their son.

“We believe that Rajan escaped from the house after the attack,” the officer said.

Investigators recovered a bloodstained kitchen knife from the house and recovered fingerprints from its handle and blade. Gurusamy sustained stab injuries to the chest and neck, his wife stab wounds in the chest and stomach.

“Rajan escaped from the home on Friday morning and stormed into his par ents’ house around 9am,” the inspector said.

“There are nine other tenements in the three-storey apartment. Some of the neighbours saw Rajan entering the house but no one saw him leave. He must have rushed out after attacking his parents.”

“We will be able to conclusively prove that Rajan attacked them once we match his fingerprints with those we found on the knife,” the inspector said.

He said Gurusamy and his wife had admitted Rajan to a private home in Perumbakkam only two days before the attack.

Neighbours told police that Rajan had been living with his parents after his wife took their children and left him. They said Rajan of ten fought with his parents and at times would attack them. After discussing the matter with relatives, the couple decided to admit Rajan to the home in Perumbakkam. Officials at the home told investigators that Rajan had gone missing from the home on Friday morning.

Neighbours informed Rajan’s youngest sister Kalavathy about the attack and she is now at the hospital where she is now taking care of her parents.

Police said, Gurusamy worked as a manager at Vilampatti Kalyana Mantapam in Royapuram till the age of 70 and then retired. Gurusamy and Pushpam have five children, three sons and two daughters. Rajan was their fourth child.

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Source: TOI-Che