HYDERABAD: Two engineering students fall in love. After they graduate, the girl’s parents start looking for alliances for her. The boy, meanwhile, is struggling to get a job as he can’t marry her unless he finds employment. Will the couple get married?

A traditional Telugu film director would make the hero a super human, and by the end of the two-and-a-half-hours film, the boy and the girl would eventually tie the knot.

But move over Tollywood, Yollywood is here!

Short films on Youtube, made mostly by engineering and MBA graduates and those who have quit their well-paying jobs in MNCs, are looking at subjects differently. The ‘made by the audience, for the audience and of the audience’ films are proving to be a huge hit on Youtube, some of them garnering lakhs of views.

There are already mini celebrities in the making as short films with reasonably good camera work, a meaningful script, and true-to-life acting, are making waves. The goal for most of the filmmakers is the same: to conquer celluloid. But they would rather prove their genuine worth out here than grab any offer that comes by. This young breed of filmmakers wants to play by their own rules.

The latest Telugu short film to be a hit on Youtube is ‘Idhedho Baagundhe’ directed by Kishorudu. The 17-minutes movie deals with the predicament of an engineering graduate who’s making the rounds of software companies in Madhapur, desperately trying to land a job. If he fails to get a job, his girlfriend will be forced by her parents to accept an alliance that they chose for her. In the film, the lovers don’t get married.

Released on October 6 this year, the short film has garnered more than five lakh views – huge by all standards. “This film is like a resume. It shows my talent to get a foothold in the film industry,” says Kishorudu, who has a degree in computer science. He’s proved himself and is making plans to make more short films.

Bharath Bandaru, the lead actor of the film, is of the same creed. An engineering graduate, Bharath worked for Google before quitting his job to get into full-time acting. “I prefer to do more short films for now. I’ve got some offers to act in movies, but my dream, naturally, is to bag a lead role,” he said.

Another big Youtube hit, ‘The Viva’, written and director by Sabarish Kandregula, is about a professor conducting viva at an engineering college. The film has gone well for its lead actor Harsha, who has bagged roles in full-length films.

Short films reflecting the aspirations, disappointments and lifestyle of people working in software companies at Gachibowli are proving to be a huge hit. An eponymous film, ‘Gachibowli’ directed by Girish Velugu, garnered 1 lakh hits within three weeks of its release.

Girish, who holds engineering and MBA degrees, wants to conquer Tollywood. “My father has a business which he wants me to take care of, but my passion is to make films,” Girish says.

Another short film ‘Gatamyna Gnapakamayna’, a love story directed by Pujari Lakshmi Rohith, got good response. The MBA graduate, however, would like to treat his film as a ‘visiting card’. “I would like to make it big as a writer in the film industry,” he says.

Not everyone, however, is fascinated with Tollywood. Rithvik Boda’s ‘mocumentary’ of nearly 18 minutes titled ‘Cinema Choopistha Mama’ takes a dig at Telugu cinema. Rithvik, who is studying civil engineering in Vellore Institute of Technology, wants to steer clear of the film industry. “The Telugu film industry is dishing out trash by saying that the audience wants to watch formula films. Filmmakers need to make meaningful films,” he says.

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Source: TOI-Hyd