New Delhi: Months after Delhi police launched the process of online FIRs for stolen vehicles, the application has met an unexpected wall-the transport department’s refusal to be on the same page.

Reports of local transport offices not accepting the digitally signed final report issued by courts and the police has prompted Delhi Police to shoot off a letter to the transport department.

“The final report, which is digitally signed by the court and SHO, is not being accepted by motor licensing officers (MLO). As a result, people whose vehicles have been stolen vehicles are not able to claim insurance,” said a senior official.

The letter, sent last week, has been pushed to senior transport department officials. “We have asked transport offices to take action and accept the digitally signed reports,” said an official.

Delhi Police’s website, which was launched in April this year, not only keeps track of the progress of the investigation but also sends the report to the courts for action. If the investigation is accepted by the court, the document is digitally signed and a final report is submitted. This, thereafter, can be used by the owner to file an insurance claim. As part of the paperwork, the transport department has to transfer the ownership of registration to the insurance company before the owner can get the insurance money. At present, local transport authorities are not accepting the digitally signed final reports, said the official.

The letter issued by Delhi Police also adds, “As the objective of the app is to facilitate victims of motor vehicle theft to get insurance claim without any hassle, any objection due to lack of awareness may defeat the purpose.”

Transport officials, meanwhile, claimed MLOs at all regional transport offices have been asked to accept these digitally signed final reports.

The e-FIR for auto thefts was started by the Delhi police in April this year. The application allows online FIR, details of investigation on the online platform, and generation of a final report under section 173 of the CrPC, which is thereafter sent to court.

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Source: TOI-Delhi