BAGUIATI/HOWRAH: Police on Sunday morning recovered mutilated bodies of a couple from a locked flat at Talbagan in Kestopur on the eastern fringe of the city. The two bodies were found tied to a window grille in the flat.

The deceased were identified as Rammohan Dutta (25) and Sukriti Tiwari (20). They were missing since November 17.

Dutta, who was working with an IT company, took the flat on rent about a month ago.

Dutta and Tiwari, both natives of Howrah, were reportedly in a relationship, which their families allegedly did not approve of.

A native of Ramakrishnapur in Howrah, Dutta never mixed much with the locals of Kestopur. It was reported that he met Tiwari, also a Howrah girl, through a common friend about eight months ago and they were romantically involved with each other.

Tiwari’s family friend Kalyan Rana claimed that the couple were often seen together travelling on Dutta’s motorcycle. “Their families were aware of their relationship. However, the families did not approve of the relationship and “Both of them were facing strong opposition from their respective families for their relationship,” said Tiwari’s friend Kalyan Rana.

Locals alerted police on Sunday morning after a foul smell started to emanate from the flat from Saturday evening. Police broke open the door of the flat which was locked from inside and found the bodies that were strangled by a dupatta from the window grille. A bundle of Rs 500 notes, a suicide note and two knives that were kept just beside the bodies were also recovered.

The note read: “Our bodies should be burnt together. That will give peace to our souls.” Police suspected it to be a case of suicide as no mark of injury, apart from some blood stains, was found on the bodies.

“The bodies have been sent for post-mortem. The exact cause of death can only be ascertained after we get the report,” said a senior official of Bidhannagar Police.

Dutta’s uncle Balaram admitted that that their family was not in favour of their marriage. However, he said that they would not have opposed so strongly had they eventually decided to get married. “We did have issues because the girl was from a different state,” said Balaram.

Dutta’s neighbours in Kestopur also claimed that the girl was often seen visiting his rented flat. When Tiwari went missing on November 17, her family members filed a complaint against Dutta alleging him of abducting their daughter. On the other hand, Dutta’s father had also filed a missing report.

“We had no idea that they would take such an extreme step,” rued a member of Tiwari’s family.

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Source: TOI-Kol